Rip Blu-ray to Surface RT for playback with multi-track MP4

This tutorial shows you an easy way to convert Blu-ray movies on Surface RT in multi-track MP4 format so you can switch to the desired language during playback.
You may just plan to put your Blu-ray 1080p movies onto Surface RT for playing, but, although Surface is indeed a ultrabook, it can’t be connected to an external Blu-ray drive, so it’s impossible to play Blu-ray movies on Surface directly.

I just want to know the way to playback Blu-ray on Suface, can i? If the answer is yes, what should i do? what tools should i have. In addition, my Blu-ray has multi-tracks and subtitles, also want to keep the multi-track?

In this case, it’s necessary to own Pavtube Bytecopy. It's your best tool to rip and convert Blu-ray movies and DVDs to MP4 rip Blu-ray movie to Surface RT best video format quickly and easily. With it, you can also freely select your wanted subtitles or show the forced subtitles as you need for watch Blu-ray movies on Surface RT.

Overall, this app saves my day due to its excellent ability of ripping Blu-rays/DVDs to MKV, MOV and MP4 with multi-track audios preserved. Meanwhile, I often use this app to make 1:1 copy of my movies from physical discs to hard drive and prevent from scratches or other damages. What's more, the Pavtube Bytecopy can converts Blu-rays into both 2D and 3D videos.

A short guide of ripping Blu-ray to multi-track MP4 for Surface RT (Windows 8.1/8/7 included)

1. Run the Pavtube ByteCopy. Press “Load Disc” icon to import Blu-ray movie.

2. Select main movie from file list. By default the main movie is checked exclusively. Set subtitles and audio language for the main movie.

3. Press on the “Format” bar, choose “ Multi-track Video > Multi-track MP4 (*.mp4) ”.

4. This profile extracts more than one audio track from source DVD movies in saved MP4 files. And you are allowed to remove unwanted audio track by unchecking the “Check” box in front of each audio source.

5. Press “Convert” to get Pavtube Bytecopy start ripping Blu-ray to multi-track MP4 for Surface RT.

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