Any Ideas with Playing 4K Video on Surface Pro 3?

Fond of watching 4K videos? Read this article to find out the way of playing 4K videos on Surface Pro 3 somoothly.

Barely tipping the scales at 800g, the new 12-inch Surface Pro 3 has all the power and performance of a premium laptop in a thin and lightweight design. It also comes with the all-new Surface Pen which delivers a natural writing and drawing experience. As the main features below:
  • 12-inch Full HD and touch screen display
  • New Surface Pen
  • Multiple ports, including USB 3.0
  • Larger screen and lighter form

By the way, Do U know how to move media contents to Surface Pro 3?

With the introduction we gave above, you must wanna have a try of playing HD videos on Surface Pro 3, such as 4K video, which has a high definition produced not long ago. However, not all 4K videos can be played on Surface Pro 3 since there comes a problem called format incompatibility. Except for Surface best supported format MP4, other 4K videos are not allowed in Surface Pro 3. Today here we find a third-party tool called 4K to Surface Pro Video Converter to convert any 4K videos to MP4 for playing on Surface.

Keep on learning the detailed process of converting 4K videos.

Two ways of importing your 4K files, add them with ‘Add video’ item on the main interface. On the other hand, you can directly select your 4 files and drop them to the frame on main interface.

Next we’ll come to the choosing output format level, ‘Format’ bar to find the ‘Windows’>>’ Microsoft Surface Windows RT/Pro H.264 Video (*.mp4)" as the best result. You won’t miss it.

Additional tip: for playing DVD and Blu-ray on Surface Pro 3, this program also has the ability to realize your hope. Follow the steps above to import your DVD or Blu-ray disc in a right way, you can also get the compatible videos for Surface Pro 3. Can you trust me? Just have a try by yourself!

Before start your conversion, go back to the main interface, a big surprise is waiting for you! In ‘Settings’, you can freely customize your video size, bitrates(quality), frame rate, sample rate and other specs.

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