Play MPEG Files on Surface Pro/Pro 2/Pro3 with original WMV

Have you ever got some needs in playing WMV files on Surface Pro? May be you need to change your WMV files into MPEG for a first.

First of all, this article comes from some review which showed on website and forum, as this customer who is a managing director of an importing wholesaling company. He got some WMV videos which are professionally produced to show the uses and benefit of his company products. Got the trouble in playing WMV videos on Surface Pro is a big problem.

Next let’s talk about the topic why we can’t directly put the WMV videos in Surface Pro and is there any methods of solving this problem?

Surface Pro, Pro 2 or Pro 3  is the first generation in the line of Surface-series Windows 8 tablets produced by Microsoft. It is a part of the Surface Family and it features full Windows 8.x operating system. The most suitable format for Surface Pro is MPEG codec video format. The biggest advantage of Surface Pros is the ability to run nearly all Windows applications, making it a contender for a Windows laptop replacement.

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Any method to solve make it possible of playing WMV videos on Surface Pro, Pro 2 or Pro 3? We recommend you aWMV to MPEG Video Converter to get this trouble solved. Follow the steps to know how to work this program with your WMV files.

Step1. Add Source WMV files
With buttons ‘Add videos’ and ‘Add from folder’ can both import your original files, Besides WMV, you can also load FLV, MKV, AVI, VOB, TiVo, MPG, MOV, etc. 

Step2. Choose a Surface Pro profile.
Click the ‘Format’ button and you’ll see the list of ‘Common Video’ , for MPEG-2 Video (*.mpg), or MPEG-4 (*.MP4). it is okay when you have done all.

Step3. ‘Settings’ for advanced users is also a nice item. Such as ‘size, bitrates, frame rate, or audio channels.

Additional tip: ‘Acceleration’ for Windows version, in ‘Options’ interface’, you can find that to save a lot of time.

To complete the steps above, Surface Pro can be a good companion at anywhere or anytime to enjoy your videos!

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